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2015 Halloween Costume Winners Announced

Winners in the 6 categories from Sat., Oct. 24's Jerseyville Halloween Festival

Preschool Winners

1st Place:  Mousetrap - Lincoln Churchman; 2nd Place:  Construction Worker - Magnus Stewart;
3rd Place: Cruella de Ville - Nora Gibson; Honorable Mention: 80's Exerciser - Stella Bechtold

Grades K- 2 Winners

3 - 6 grade winners.JPG

1st Place:  Maleficent - Lola Reed; 2nd Place:  Sun Maid Raisins - Rylee Taylor;
3rd Place:  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Georgia Pohlman;
Honorable Mention:  Minecraft - Karter Vahle

Grades 3 - 6 Winners

Grades 7 - Adult winners.JPG

1st Place:  Olivia - Corrina Pohlman; 2nd Place:  Eagle - Sofia Lamer;
3rd Place:  Jester - Elise Noble; Honorable Mention: Dr. Evil - Hunter Ickler

Grades 7 - Adult Winners

1st Place:  Crazy Cat Lady - Jordan Sibert; 2nd Place:  Aliens - Sue Chandler/Laurie Helfer;
3rd Place:  Silent Hill Nurse - Sarah Stiles; Honorable Mention:  Bubble Gum Machine - Suzie Keller

Family or Group Winners

1st Place:  The Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf - Michael Vandygriff, Alex Dierking, Nola Dierking, Thomas Bonebrake;
2nd Place:  The Cat in the Hat w/ Thing 1 & Thing 2 - Micah Depper, Keegan Depper, Nehemiah Hargis;
3rd Place:  Sailors & Shark w/ Boat - The Bray Family (Joanna, Keith, Abileen);
Honorable Mention:  Cruella & Dalmation - Nora Gibson, John Gibson

Pop Culture Winners

1st Place:  The Beatles - Dinah, Paul, Daphne, & Patrick Slusser; 2nd Place:  Dumb and Dumber - Cooper and Carson Ray;
3rd Place:  Ghost Busters - Jayden Vahle, Nolan, Bethany, Miles, Chris, & Nikki Vahle;
Honorable Mention:  Wheel of Fortune - Jennifer, Jake, Josh, Julia & Jessica Wilkinson

Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who participated.