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Jerseyville Halloween Festival

Jerseyville Halloween Festival
Bat with witch's hat

Thanks to all who came out to be judged on a VERY cold morning.  Here are your costume winners!

Preschool Winners

Preschool Winners 2.jpg

1st Place:  Tate Welsh - Colonel Sanders; 2nd Place:  Braxton Wellenreiter - Frog; 3rd Place:  Stella Hagarty - Daisy Duck;
Honorable Mention:  Ivy Poole - Cleopatra

K - 2 Winners
K-2 Winners 2.jpg

1st Place:  Renner Walden - Peter Pan; 2nd Place:  McKenzie Towell - Snow Fairy; 3rd Place:  Cadion Smith - Jack Skellington
Honorable Mention:  Carson Johnson - Firefighter

Grade 3 - 6 Winners

1st Place:  Lily Dougherty - Pied Piper; 2nd Place:  Tess Drainer - Uma (from Descendants 2); 3rd Place:  Lola Reed - Hawaii Snow Globe; Honorable Mention:  Gray Sapp - Soldier

Grade 7 - Adult

1st Place:  Nick Rister - Energizer Bunny; 2nd Place:  Vannessa Depper - Witch; 3rd Place:  Brayden Wellenreiter - Buzz Lightyear;
Honorable Mention:  Trevor Agney - Cuphead

Family or Group

1st Place:  The Wilkinson Families - Circus People; 2nd Place:  Dinah, Patrick, Daphne, & Paul Slusser - Big Game Hunter and
Mounted Heads; 3rd Place:  Elsie Loftus, Emma Sharich, Eli Kimble, & Sm Schleeper - Playing Cards; Honorable Mention: 
Matt & Wendy Vahle - Used Car Salesman & Wacky Inflatable

Pop Culture

1st Place:  Nehemiah & Katrina Hargis, Vannessa, Keegan, Dustin, & Michah Depper - Wizard of Oz; 2nd Place:  Abby Womack -
Rae from Star Wars (not pictured); 3rd Place:  The Vahle Family - Pokemon; Honorable Mention: Violet & Jack Gajewski, Larry and Fran Bear - Batman Group