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Jerseyville Halloween Festival Costume Winners Announced!

Jerseyville Halloween Festival Costume Winners Announced!
Candy Corn Witch

Thanks to the beautiful weather, we had a huge crowd for costume judging on Saturday morning.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the judges work very hard to choose winners!

Infant/Preschool Winners:

1st:  Cabbage Patch Kid -- Claire Ray
2nd:  Starbucks Cup -- Ruby Driver
3rd:  Cotton Candy -- Stella Bechtold

Grades K-2 Winners:

1st:  Candy Corn -- Jessica Wilkinson
2nd:  ET -- Keegan Varble
3rd:  Miss Piggy -- Daphne Slusser

Grades 3-6 Winners:

1st:  Voodoo Doll -- Lola Reed (not pictured)
2nd:  Amazon Warrior -- Meredith Dougherty
3rd:  Dead Bride -- Rylie Cope

Grade 7 - Adult winners:

1st:  Zoltar the Fortune Teller -- Laurie Helfer
2nd:  Pug Dog -- Sami Steckel
3rd:  Ghoul Girl -- Cassie Delp

Family/Group Winners:

1st:  Cereal -- Joan & Brad Roach, Justin Jones, Jamie Bogart, Jamie, Bryce, Brayden, & Braxtyn Wellenreiter, Liam & Kali Scharth
2nd:  Magic School Bus -- Vicky Maag & Jackie Schnettgoecke
3rd:  Rainbow & Cloud -- Sophia & Emma Herter

Pop Culture Winners:

1st:  Jurassic Park -- Danni, Ellie, Max, Jamie & Daniel Behringer and Samantha Kalla
2nd:  KISS -- Charlie Simcox
3rd:  LEGO -- Gray, Remi, Ava & Hudson Sapp