Jerseyville Public Library

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Public Notice/Agenda

Agenda for the upcoming monthly board meeting.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.
Meeting room @ 105 North Liberty Street


  1. Call to order
  2. Public comment
  3. Vote to be taken:  Agenda
  4. Vote to be taken:  Consent agenda including minutes of the August 20, 2019 meeting and Treasurer's report for August 2019
  5. Vote to be taken:  Check register
  6. Librarian's report
  7. Committees
    1.  Materials, Bylaws, and Policy

         a.  Table continuing education policy presentation
    2.  Building and Grounds

         a.  Discussion of hiring a consultant to develop facilities plan for expansion, definition for 2018 State Library requirements attached*
    3.  Finance
         a.  Transfer of funds
    4.  Technology
    5.  Friends of the Library
         a.  Book sale October 3-5
         b.  EBay report
  8. Correspondence
  9. Old business
    1.  Halloween
  10. New business
    1.  Change October Board Meeting date?
  11. Business for discussion only
  12. Public comment
  13. Adjournment

*Facilities Plan:  The applicant must examine in detail the present and future public library facility needs required by present and anticipated public library programming, keeping in mind that library buildings are to be planned for a 20-year population projection.  Provide a site analysis; space needs assessment and the project design (to include an elevation drawing, site plan, and floor plan for the proposed project).  Address the library's ability to maintain and sustain library operations following completion of this project (i.e., building maintenance, expanded costs for utilities, staffing, maintaining a larger collection).  Address how the library will provide access for the disabled.  If applicable, explain in detail if the project involves addressing life safety hazards as outlined in the Administrative Rules.  Provide all relevant financial documentation as it relates to the library's local cost share responsibility including funding sources, local financial resources, current revenues, fund balances, and unused bonding capacity.