Jerseyville Public Library

Computer User Agreement



1.      The Jerseyville Public Library, as part of its ongoing service to the community, provides a variety of computer equipment and Internet access for use by patrons and others.

2.      The computer equipment has been made available through city taxpayers’ dollars and special funds.   A Jerseyville Public Library card is not required to use this equipment.

3.      Users must register to use computer equipment.  First time users must read and sign this policy summary, agreeing to abide by its content.  Library users, age 18 and over, access the computer workstations and the library’s wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) at their own discretion.  A parent or legal guardian of users under the age of 18 must have read and signed this waiver agreement.  It is recommended that children over the age of 10 also read and sign the policy summary waiver agreement. Children younger than fourth grade must be accompanied and supervised at the computer by a parent or guardian.

4.      Library staff does not tutor nor do they have expertise in all software programs.  Users are expected to successfully execute the software and Internet use without library staff assistance.  The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment belonging to patrons including peripherals, notebooks, or other devices.  Library staff cannot assist with device configurations, security, data files, etc.

5.      Patrons may sign up to use computer workstations for 1 hour.  Extensions of time may be allowed at the discretions of the librarian on duty. Time extension priority is given to those working on school assignments, resume’ preparation, etc. Two people are allowed at each station at one time unless this becomes disruptive to others.

6.      Wi-Fi access is available only during library hours.  The librarian on duty must be consulted for the access code, which is changed daily.

7.   Printed Material will be charged at 15 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color for 8 ½ x 11 paper and 25 cents for black and white and 35 cents for color for 11 x 17 paper. As an additional service, the first 15 copies for school work or resume’ copy is free.

8.   To make computer workstations available for public use, it is imperative that all users heed the following rules:

a.       Do not save to the hard drive, but to your own storage device.  Be aware that if you do save to the hard drive, your work will be lost as soon as the computer is rebooted.

b.      Respect the privacy of others.

c.       Do not attempt to alter, remove, or damage configurations, software or hardware on library computers and equipment.

d.      Do not install any software on library computers.  Library staff may be requested to download software appropriate to approved use of the computer such as educational materials in the library.

e.       After your use of the workstation is complete, please close all programs returning the computer to the desktop screen.

9.   Internet access is available on all computer workstations and via the Wi-Fi connection.  To access the Internet at the library you must heed the following rules and/or be aware of the following:

 a.  The JPL has not control or responsibility for information and resources on the Internet.  Some Internet sites may convey inaccurate and out-of–date information, some may even be of an offensive and objectionable nature.  Parents may deem some Internet Information to be inappropriate for their minor child(ren).

b.   The JPL has a filtering/blocking device enabled on its network including wireless connections.  Adults, 18 and over, may request that the device be disabled during their session.  However, disabling is provided by a 3rd party IT company and may not be available during all open hours.  (see JPL Policy binder for full statement on filtering/blocking). Illegal or unethical use of the Internet is not allowed.

c.   Respect intellectual property and copyright.

d.   Viewing of pages that display graphic pornography is inappropriate for a public and open environment, and is prohibited.

e.   Viewing child pornography is illegal.  Library staff will immediately contact the police upon the report of or the witnessing of anyone viewing child pornography.

f.    Internet and Wi-Fi users who release personal information do so at their own risk.  Information accessed or entered on the library’s computer workstations or via the Wi-Fi connection is not necessarily secure and may be accessible to others.

10. VIOLATIONS--- Violations of this policy will result in suspension or loss of privileges to use computer resources and Wi-Fi at the library and may result in the user’s removal from the library.  Any illegal activity involving use of the library’s computers and /or Wi-Fi access will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

11. The library staff maintains the right to investigate all network and/or Wi-Fi traffic for suspected misuse, disruption, improper or illegal use of our resources.


I understand and will abide by the Public Computer Workstations and Wireless Connection Agreement of the Jerseyville Public Library.