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What Do You Like?
Explore career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Articles, downloads, videos, and information on unusual occupations.

Role Model Project

Note that this is not going to be an exhaustive list, nor a limited catalogue of careers and descriptions. It is a "sampler" and is meant to give girls an idea of the breadth of their choices, encourage them to explore ideas that they may not have thought possible before, and offer ideas about how they could achieve their goals. You don't have to be special to find a career that you like -- just know thatyou can do it.

Animal-Doc Com
See how a Llama's broken kneecap is fixed and a young fawn is returned to the wild, a day in the life of a vet.

What Do They Do?
Choose from over 60 different jobs and see what exactly it is they do. From plumbers and pilots to computer programmers and cartoonists.