Jerseyville Public Library

Book Sale News and Donation Guidelines

Thanks to the generosity of our donors of books and other items, the Jerseyville Public Library Friends of the Library Book Sales have become quite profitable.  However, due to this success, lack of storage and display space, and shortage of manpower to receive and sort, the Friends have decided to institute these guidelines:

  • No VHS Tapes

  • No Cassette Tapes

  • No Encyclopedias older than 8 years

  • No Vinyl Records

  • No Magazines older than 2 current years

  • No Medical Books older than 3 years

  • No Textbooks

  • No materials that have mildewed or molded--ONLY BOOKS IN GOOD CONDITION!

If you have any of the above items, we suggest taking the pages out of books and recycling them at any of the paper recycling receptacles around town.  However, you cannot recycle the covers--they need to be put into the regular trash.